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Green Razer Claw 3 - Eagle McMahon Signature Series

The Razor Claw Tactic has sharpened its claws once again for another return in the form of Razor Claw 3. Eagle has heard your wishes to create an even more overstable and reliable version of your favorite disc and we’ve answered the call. 


The Meta plastic and extremely flat profile of the disc allow you to rip this thing harder than ever before and will perform for you in almost any wind condition or shot shaping scenario. The Razor Claw is well suited for head windy situations, power forehand or backhand tee or approach shots, and forced flex turnover shots that will weave their way back to predictable fade.

Razer Claw 3 - Eagle McMahon Signature Series

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Flight Rating

    Speed Glide Turn Fade
    4 2 0 4


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