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INNfuse Star Eagle

Innfuse Star Eagle – One of the tried and true molds from the disc golf world. One of the original discs from Innova going back to their early days in 1983, the Eagle has certainly stood the test of time. Fitting a slot perfectly between the Firebird and Teebird for stability, the Eagle has a chance to be a favorite Fairway Driver for many a golfer! One of the go to discs of 2018 World Champion Gregg Barsby, he relies on them for both forehand and backhand. With a straight to overstable flight these discs can be extremely useful for a variety of shots. The Innfused version of the Star Eagle takes the stock DX artwork and tweaks it to turn it into a gorgeous full color image. It has been making a comeback to peoples bags thanks to Gregg and his amazing shots all over the course with this disc. Available in almost all of the plastics Innova has to offer, it will be easy to find one that suits your needs. Throw by Ken Climo for years it is a great disc that handles tons of power without being too overstable. It is a solid reliable disc that everyone can rely on. Now the Star version comes in a full color version, the Innfused Star Eagle.

INNfuse Star Eagle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Flight Rating

    Speed Glide Turn Fade
    7 4 -1 3


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